Recycled Wood Pallets


Did you know by replacing your new pallets with recycled and remanufactured pallets could save you approximately 25%? Besides the obvious cost savings, remanufactured pallets have many advantages over new pallets. Recycled/remanufactured pallets have a lower moisture content eliminating mold, deck board warping and pallet deflection. This low moisture content means recycled pallets weigh less reducing strain on your pallet handling associates. 

New Wood Pallets


We utilize various species of wood so we can provide the optimum cost/performance ratio for your company.    

Hybrid Pallets


Hybrid is a term we use for a pallet that has a combination of new and recycled lumber. There are some applications that require the deck boards to be exact and uniform, but can still use the recycled material for the balance of the pallet. Other times there may be a shortage of recycled lumber and there would be a need for new material to fill in. These are both examples of good uses for a Hybrid pallet. The goal is to use recycled material as much as possible. By combining it with new lumber, we can solve many pallet problems. 

Custom Built Pallets


Not only can we design a pallet to fit your specific shipping and storage needs, but we can do it with recycled lumber, saving your company money!  Of course if it’s new lumber that you need, we can accommodate that as well. 

Crates/ Boxes/ Plant Racks


We will design a crate to fit your specific need using recycled lumber to keep your shipping costs down.  Or are you shipping plants or other smaller products?  We build a rack for that.  Need it to last a long time, or just make one trip?  Whatever your need, we can fill that order! 

Wood Chips


Right now we are selling wood chips for $50 a load. This is great material for animal beds, fuel, play areas and so much more! Are you looking for something for that garden pathway? These wood chips will look great!

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