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Pallet Removal

Live load and drop trailers available. We offer payment on most of those unwanted scrap pallets. Call today for a quote.

Pallet Repair

We have found that some of our customers purchase the same type of pallet that they get in, but those pallets can't be used because they were broken in shipment. We can repair those pallets and save our customers money.

Pallet Modification

Instead of over spending on excessive boards, we can modify the board placement to get the best pallet for your needs at the best price.

Heat Treating

Do you use your pallets to ship products out of the country? We have a heat treatment kiln located on site and heat treating is available on all products. Scroll down to find out more on the heat treatment process.

On Site Pallet Management

Are you having difficulty staying on top of your “pallet situation”?  Let us help with that.  Our team can track your inventory and remove all worry and frustration.  We understand your needs.  Pallets are what we do ALL day!  


Heat Treating

Additional Information

It is common knowledge in the pallet industry that any wooden pallets being shipped out of the country need to meet the requirements of the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) to eliminate the risk of spreading these pests to other countries.

In addition to shipments out of the country, several companies who only ship within the US will use Heat Treated pallets. This process ensure they are clean and free of parasites so companies (such as pharmaceutical companies) will use these pallets as well.

Poor Boy Pallet is certified to perform this service. Our plant is regularly inspected and is found compliant at every inspection! When you purchase heat treated pallets from Poor Boy Pallet, each pallet is stamped with our IPPC number so your shipment can be delivered as promised.

Do you ship your product overseas? Let us know. We can heat treat those pallets for you!

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Click on the link below for the full regulation of wood packaging material in international trade from the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM-15).